Milan Babuskov

Free pipe connecting game like Pipe Mania


A single-player action puzzle game. You get a limited number of pipes on each level, and need to combine them to lead the water from house at the top of the screen to the storage tank at bottom. It is similar to the games Pipe Mania and Pipe Dream.

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Multiplayer pacman with great graphics, music


Pacman clone with single and multiplayer modes: duel and cooperative. Also playable over network. Has great graphics, music and over 150 levels to play. Comes with integrated level editor and joystick/joypad support.

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Space trading game

Scum of the Universe

Space shooter like Galaga or Space Invaders combined with trading and adventure elements.

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Home inventory software

Attic Manager

Attic Manager is home inventory software used to build and maintain a database of your assets. You can keep track of all the stuff you have, what you have loaned to others, and all the maintenance costs.

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