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Mini-XMenus is a .NET component that adds custom menu items to the Windows Explorer context menu (the popup menu that appears when the user right-clicks on items in Windows Explorer). * Each menu item can have its own icon or image. * You can specify the font, size, text and background colors for each menu item, or use the Explorer defaults. * Full OwnerDraw support enables you to draw right in the Explorer context menu. * Menu items can have sub-items, which can have sub-items, and so on. * Each custom menu item may appear based on the items currently selected in Windows Explorer. For example, a menu item may appear only for images, folders or drives, or any combination. You can specify one or more file extensions for which an item will appear, or have a menu item appear for all files. * Menu items can appear in the Explorer "background" menu, shown when the user right-clicks in a folder in Explorer but not on any items. * When clicked, a menu item can execute a specified command line. The command line can include the selected file path(s). Or a menu item can invoke any custom code you write in C# or VB.NET. * You can turn all menu items on/off with a single property. Set whether each menu item is visible or enabled. * Specify a submenu's default item, which appears boldface and is executed when the user double-clicks on its parent menu item. * Each menu item can display custom help text in the Windows Explorer status bar when the user moves the mouse over the menu item. * Includes thorough MSDN-style documentation and sample programs that demonstrate the component with no programming required. * Also includes sample source code and templates in C# and VB.NET to help you get started quickly. * Written in 100% managed C# code. Original source code is available for purchase at an additional charge. * Supports .NET v2.0 and v1.1. Development projects for Visual Studio 2005 and 2003 are included.

Software Price: $49.00
Software Version: 2.1
Release Date
: 3/20/2006

Size: 1.37 MB
Platform: Win98, WinME, NT 4.x, Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003

Download Link: Mini-XMenus Download

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