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Morgan M-JPEG codec is a Windows video codec

Morgan Multimedia MJPEG Codec

Morgan M-JPEG is a video codec. This third version is particularly optimized for Intel and AMD last generation CPU and Windows XP and 2000 operating systems but it is even fully optimized for older CPU and older Windows versions

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Morgan JPEG2000 toolbox is a JPEG2000 viewer

Morgan JPEG2000 Toolbox

Morgan JPEG2000 Toolbox is a windows software which allows you to view, create, edit, display, save ... JPEG2000 files and other format. It is an excellent solution to create a file in the JPEG2000 format and has a considerable number of benefices.

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Morgan M-JPEG2000 codec is a video codec

Morgan Multimedia MJPEG2000 Codec

Morgan M-JPEG2000 codec is a Windows Motion JPEG2000 video codec. JPEG2000 is the new international standard for image compression method and file format. This is the successor of the well-known traditional JPEG.

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