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Morovia Code 93 Fontware : 10 true type fonts

Here is Morovia code 93 true type font, a smart simple solution for barcode printing. Morovia code 93 fontware package consists of 10 true type fonts and a language tool kit. At any point size, there are 5 different barcode heights to choose from. At any height, the user has 2 options: either with human readable text or without. Choose the font that meets all your requirements and print out barcode using word processors and spreadsheets. The enclosed language tool kit contains the FontPal software and its source code in both Visual Basic and ANSI C language. The FontPal software is used to calculate checkdigit(s), build mapping string. The source code can be integrated into your own applications as long as your software license is valid. We trust that you will find our fontware to be satisfactory.

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