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Nalsoft AIM Log Manager


Nalsoft AIM Log Manager is a unique and powerful tool to log, organize, manipulate and analyze trends in AOL Instant Messenger conversations. Basic features: * Record all IMs, chatrooms, and away messages. * Record buddy events and files/images. * One single log file for easy backup and sending. * Automatic log file compression. * Browse, sort, categorize, edit, cut, copy and paste convos. * Search through conversations. * Locate convos by date, browse forward and back through time easily. * Import existing logs from other programs. * Automatically e-mail convo transcripts. * Stealth mode. * Monitor all Windows user accounts. * Password-protect your logs. * Automatically convert images to JPEG format. * Merge/split convos, filter duplicates, etc. Trend analysis: * Color code conversations and patterns. * Trend graphing tools. * Calendar/timeline. * Discover initiation ratios, most talkative days, etc. Compatibility * All versions of AIM supported, including AIM 6, AIM Pro, and AIM 5.9/earlier! * Windows Vista/XP/2000.

Software Price: $24.99
Software Version: 1.7
Release Date
: 10/7/2007

Size: 2.20 MB
Platform: Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003, Vista

Download Link: Nalsoft AIM Log Manager Download

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