Nesbitt Software Corporation

Multi-user bug and defect-tracking database

BugCollector Pro

BugCollector Pro is a powerful, multi-user database specifically designed for keeping track of software bugs and feature requests. Includes a a built-in report designer, customizable charts, user-definable filters, automatic email, and more.

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Web-based multi-user defect tracking database

BugCollector Web

BugCollector Web is a powerful, web-based multi-user database specifically designed to track software defects and feature requests. Includes built-in report designer, customizable charts, user-defined filters, automatic email, and more.

Tags: bcweb bug bugcollector web database defect developers error hardware internet multi-user software tracking web web-based windows

Customer and order tracking for Windows


Keep track of customers and orders automatically! RegBase parses order notifications from most major Internet resellers.

Tags: automatically customer customers databases ordering orders regbase retail retailers track windows

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