Supervise and control computers over network.

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NetGuarder Inc.

Do you want to supervise users' every action on remote computers simultaneously? NetWatcher, a Real Nuke for you to supervise and control computers over Internet/network in a Windows. For more info, please visit You will see remote computer screens, URL access, and program run history of remote users in a Windows of your computer.NetWatcher is composed of Server (Monitor and Log Server) and Client programs. By installing an imperceptible Client program on any supervised computer once, the Server program could supervise screens, URL access and program run history of Client computers instantly; control the desktop of Client computers remotely and compulsively. This system composed of Server and Client computers is more like the traditional TV supervision system. The difference is that we do not use video camera, TV and cable system, while we are using computer and network, and supervising and controlling any computers around the world. Benefit:* Simultaneously supervise Windows screens at numerous remote computers in a central Windows;* Get remote URL access and program run history instantly;* Control and operate numerous remote computers in a central Windows;* Track and log screen capture, URL access and program run history;* Periodical email reporting for supervision activities;* Forbid hardware devices at remote computers;* Forbid applications at remote computers;* Restart, shut down, lock and logoff computer remotely;* Send message to remote computers;* Remotely upgrade or delete NetWatcher Client without visible trails;* High ability of software concealment and anti-deletion;* High system performance and huge capability to supervise tremendous computers;* Internet and LAN TCP/IP support;* Optimized for low bandwidth.

Software Price: $139
Software Version: 2.1
Release Date
: 8/17/2005

Size: 8.56 MB
Platform: NT 4.x, Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003

Download Link: NetWatcher Download

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