MPEG-2/DVB Transport Stream Analyzer

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New Bridge Software Ltd

DVBStreamExplorer is an MPEG2/DVB Transport Stream Analyzer application. It can take a DVB Transport Stream, scan it, and display stream information, such as headers, sections and descriptors, in an Explorer-like tree view. The Transport Stream can be obtained either from file or directly from a DVB device plugged into your computer (e.g. PCI or USB). Aimed for the professional, hobbyist or student alike, DVBStreamExplorer can be used to analyse and troubleshoot a DVB Transport Stream, or simply to learn how the technology works. DVBStreamExplorer provides a Transport Stream Monitor which provides real-time parsing of PAT, PMT, CAT, NIT, SDT, BAT, TOT, TDT and EIT PSI/SI tables, logging of PCR, PTS and DTS time stamps, logging of MPEG2 A/V, H.264 and AC3 elementary stream key parameters and of unknown PID usage, besides providing a summary of services on other MUXes. In addition, the Professional Edition provides additional parsing such as MHP Application Information Tables (AIT), IP/MAC Notification Tables (INT), and more. Other features include: MPEG2/DVB/ATSC PSI/SI/PSIP scanning, DVB DSMCC scanning, DVB MPE scanning, stream demuxing and capturing to disk, teletext analyzer and service player. DVBStreamExplorer supports devices that provide drivers implementing the BDA interface (Microsoft DirectX technology for digital television). Most modern devices do support this, but check your device specifications to make sure. One exception to this rule are devices such as TechnoTrend TT-Premium and TT-Connect, which provide hardware based acceleration. This modifies the Transport Stream as presented to the software thus interfering with what DVBStreamExplorer is intended to do. Budget cards such as TechnoTrend TT-Budget are preferred, however it is always best to download the trial version of the software to make sure it can work with your device.

Software Price: Freeware
Software Version: 3.0.80
Release Date
: 11/17/2008

Size: 8.03 MB
Platform: XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003

Download Link: DVBStreamExplorer Download

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