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Convert any login and password to Base64


Basic Authentication is a little program that converts a user name (login) and optionally a password to/from their Base64 Basic Authentication counterpart.

Tags: authentication base64 basic convert decoding encoding login password

Automatic IP updater for dynamic DNS and SMTP


DynSite automatically updates your dynamic IP address each time it changes on one or many dynamic DNS or by email. This allows anyone to connect to the servers running on your own computer using a fully qualified domain name.

Tags: automatic client dns dynamic ftp ip ldap server service shareware smtp update updater web

Fix a ICQ bug for NetMeeting users

ICQ Fixer

This little program patches the registry with the correct settings so that you can place a NetMeeting call to someone else using ICQ.

Tags: add bug fix freeware icq nat netmeeting support users

US-to-Metric converter

Universal Converter

Converts US units to their Metric counterparts and conversely

Tags: conversion converter length metric simple small surface temperature unit us us-to-metric volume weight

Manages lists of reflectors for CU-SeeMe

Reflector Database Manager

Manage lists of reflectors for use by White Pine Enhanced CU-SeeMe. You can easily add, update or delete reflectors from a list file. You can maintain different lists and regenerate an updated nickname.ini file for use by CU-SeeMe.

Tags: cu-seeme database freeware list lists manages reflector reflectors


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