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Visual Defrag

Norb Technologies

Defragmenting your databases is easy with Visual Defrag. Visual Defrag analyzes all the tables in each of the databases on your servers and tells you which ones need defragmenting. It alerts you to tables which are fragmented to the level whereby performance will be lost if action isn't taken. So rather than throw more hardware at your slowing database servers, why not defragment your tables instead and see how your performance increases? Defragmentation is a vital step in ensuring your servers run at their optimum speed and efficiency, and Visual Defrag will ensure you have this aspect of your performance tuning plan taken care of. The best time to carry out any database maintenance or performance tuning on your servers is out of business hours or during periods of low activity if users have round the clock access to your databases. Visual Defrag has a built-in scheduler for SQL Server 2000 and 2005, so you can set up defrag jobs to happen when you want. If you have a table that regularly becomes fragmented, you need never lose out to decreased performance, because the scheduler lets you defragment as often as you need. So, you can be assured that your servers are performing just as they should be, even though you may not be in the office to monitor them. Visual Defrag lets you toggle between a graphical and textual display of the fragmentation state of your tables. For every database on the current server, you can see statistics or graphical representations of what is happening inside your tables. With the graphical display you can instantly see the condition of all the tables in your database and color-coding will alert you to the mostly heavily fragmented tables. You can also order the view of your tables by least or most heavily fragmented. If you need to show your managers how well your servers are performing, or want to monitor performance for day-to-day administration, Visual Defrag helps you by creating a summary report for each defragmented database.

Software Price: $99
Software Version: 2007
Release Date
: 3/3/2008

Size: 7.20 MB
Platform: Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003, Vista

Download Link: Visual Defrag Download

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