Securely delete files in Windows

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O&O SafeErase 5

O&O Software GmbH

What happens to your old computer or hard drive when you get a new one? Do you return your company's computers to the leasing company or even sell your laptop on the Internet? In that case, there are good chances that complete strangers might gain access to your private pictures, letters or business secrets. The fact of the matter is, data deleted using Windows is not really deleted! Unauthorized persons can still recover your digital pictures as well as your personal and company data, even if you formatted the disk beforehand. Surfing the Internet leaves its mark as well: On the basis of the Internet browsing history stored on your computer, it's easy to generate an accurate profile of your preferences, see the pages you've visited, and even scan the files you've downloaded. Protect yourself by using O&O SafeErase to permanently delete all data from your hard disk using scientifically recognized methods. The analysis tool of O&O SafeErase 5 lets you track down and immediately remove all the files that are a security risk on your computer. What's more, data from SSDs can now be permanently deleted as well using methods that go sparingly on resources. Never take chances with your data: SafeErase it! O&O TotalErase - erase an entire system with the push of a button As a first in its field, O&O SafeErase offers the user a completely new feature: The new fully-integrated "O&O TotalErase Assistant" now allows the deletion of an entire system including the system partition. Neither hackers nor data spies have a chance at getting to your deleted data. O&O SafeErase is for private and corporate users alike, ensuring they have the necessary data protection and that thieves don't have a chance. It is now possible to delete an entire computer using all six levels of secure deletion.

Software Price: $29.95
Software Version: 5.0.452
Release Date
: 3/1/2011

Size: 3.17 MB
Platform: Windows 2000, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows Server, Vista, Vista 64-bit, XP

Download Link: O&O SafeErase 5 Download

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