A Virtual Desktop System for Windows


A Virtual Desktop System for Windows. The Virtual Desktop Manager implements multiple independent virtual desktops. comes with a sophisticated wallpaper changer that allows each of the multiple desktops to have independent wallpaper.

Tags: desktop multiple desktops system virtual virtual desktop virtual desktop manager virtual desktops virtual terminal wallpaper changer windows windows wallpaper

WIndows Disk Housekeeping and Cleaning


These 2 applications enable you to answer the question: "where has all my disk space gone?", and once answered, the disk space can be quickly and easily reclaimed. DiskUsage & DiskClean are distributed together as one utility package.

Tags: automatic space recovery cleaning disk disk clean disk housekeeping disk usage disk usage analyser disk usage analyzer disk usage report du command housekeeping lost disk space remove temporary files windows

Create  WIN32 Self eXtracting Archives


Create WIN32 Self eXtracting Archives, ideal for distributing software and personal backups. SXAzip can process a simple scripting language that allows you to repeat backups multiple times. Archives can be password protected and encrypted.

Tags: archive compression data compression distribution download install installation personal backup script based backup self extracting archive self extracting zip self-extracting archive self-extracting zip setup software distribution winzip zip

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