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ECS (Event Control System)

Omnipotence Software

Born of our 15 years of experience in automation software development, ECS is an all-purpose automation program suitable for virtually any tasks (in residential, commercial, and industrial environments). Boasting an object-oriented design, ECS is elegantly simple, yet extremely powerful. Automated tasks may be implemented via simple time-based schedules (great for novices) and/or English-like scripts (which give power users the flexibility they demand). And anyone who can surf the web will be comfortable with ECS, as it supports a browser-based user-interface (which may be accessed from any desired Internet connection or WAP-enabled phone/PDA). "Lite" version is $90 and "Complete" version is $340.

Software Price: $90
Software Version: 2.3.14
Release Date
: 6/1/2004

Size: 12 MB
Platform: XP, Linux, Knoppix, WinNT, Win2000, Win98, Win95, WinME, WinCE

Download Link: ECS (Event Control System) Download

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