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Worktime ergonomics to prevent RSI and stress

Omniquad ErgoSense

Ergonomics at work-innovative software focused on user work patterns-reduce workforce stress and prevent Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)-easy, unintrusive, interactive ergonomic exercises on your desktop- proven and recommended optional exercise sets

Tags: carpal tunnel syndrome ergonomics exercises extensive computer use head ache neck and back stiffness practices-easy prevent repetitive strain injury rsi work-focused working

Boost productivity while on windows 9x PCs

Desktop Booster

Boost productivity while on windows 9x PCs. your desktop, start menu and desktop bar starts behaving intelligently. Helps you perform common tasks faster.

Tags: boost productivity fast access to all users files

Safeguard your PC against attacks using OPF

Omniquad Personal Firewall

Omniquad Personal Firewall is a personal security system to protect your computer from unauthorised access over the LAN and / Internet. It hides your PC on the internet to keep hackers from seeing it. Alerts the user of attempted intrusions

Tags: acces against block computer security email filter firewall freeware hack internet lan monitor online security opf over pc protect secure internet connection security unauthorised using

Send and receive encrypted e-mail

Outlook Encryption

Outlook Encryption allows you to seamlessly send and receive encrypted e-mail to and from other Outlook Encryption users. Features: Automatic attachment encryption; Total pass phrase privacy; Password book feature and Uses symmetric encryption.

Tags: attachment encryption encrypted e-mail pass phrase privacy symmetric encryption

prevent malicious email from downing your nw


Intercepts all e-mail messages on your network, disassembles them and looks for undesired/illicit content and threats in them: SPAM exploits, macro viruses and malicious HTML code.

Tags: affect anti spam before e-mail filter mail mailserver mailwall network policy removes smtp spam killer they threats types


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