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Ozoa [u]


This is the Linux/Unix release of Ozoa, lightweight solution for task/project/workflow management with structured document editor and calendar. Keep track of your ideas and projects using Ozoa's structured document editor and task manager combi. Ozoa is ideal for managing short and long term personal projects and workflow. 3 task management styles are supported: - Task priorities: use click through icons to tag your ideas, tasks, urgent tasks and questions. Use filters to view tasks according to their priority or flag. - Task queue: order your tasks without the overhead of scheduling and rescheduling. - Scheduling using a three way calendar (month to view, weekly timetable, day to view). Ozoa supports customisable, complex hierarchic documents using tabbed sections. This document model lets you view your ideas and tasks from different angles without the burden of setting up complex document structures. Fast navigation and synthetic information presentation are provided using a unique swim lane system. Default configurations are provided as well as a document type editor. A built-in tutorial is included to get users started in no time.

Software Price: $40
Software Version: 1.23.6
Release Date
: 6/7/2008

Size: 2.44 MB
Platform: Unix, Linux, Linux Gnome, Linux GPL, Linux Open Source

Download Link: Ozoa [u] Download

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