Powerful schema comparison tool for Oracle

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PowerDIFF for Oracle

OrbitDB Ltd.

PowerDIFF for Oracle is a carefully designed, powerful and easy to use schema comparison tool for Oracle databases which allows both comparisons and diff-and-merge operations. Output is done visually or as a SQL difference script. The difference script can be applied to one of the databases to sync it to the other one. Both structural and data comparisons can be done - between two database schemas or between a number of preselectable individual database objects. Thus a lot of very individual compare operations are possible. The following objects can be compared to each other: structure of tables (columns, constraints, defaults), data of tables (with WHEREs and almost all data types), indexes (columns and types), constraints (PK, FK and check constraints), views (source code and data), procedures and functions (source code and status), trigger (columns, source code and status), user, roles, privileges - and also database instance parameter and metadata (storage/size parameter, cache flag ...). PowerDIFF for Oracle also comes with a powerful command line interface - based on SQL*Plus. Thus also the visualization of database objects and their scripting and editing is possible. A lot of customization options exist in this tool - which make it powerful, effective and very useful to Oracle developers and administrators. PowerDIFF for Oracle assists you by executing verification, differencing, merging, transportation, migration, quality assurance and other database administration tasks - and thus helps you save a lot of time in the maintenance of databases and database applications. Prices range from 290 EUR for the Standard up to 490 EUR for the Professional Edition. A free Demo Edition can be downloaded to evaluate the software.

Software Price: $290
Software Version: 1.1
Release Date
: 12/12/2008

Size: 1.54 MB
Platform: NT 4.x, XP, Windows 2000, 2003, Vista

Download Link: PowerDIFF for Oracle Download

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