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Type TV Show


What is your Type? The Type TV Show introduces Carl Jung's *Psychological Types* and the *16 MBTI Personality Types.* The key concepts and themes are presented with animations, pictures, and sounds. This is a pictorial primer: an audio-visual presentation of the foundations of modern typology for people who like to learn visually. Three sets of graphics (Decoders, Icons, and Ponds) make everything easy to understand and remember. In sum, the Type TV Show is about that Greek oracle: Know Thyself. Get to know both sides (light and dark) so that you can manage the conflict purposefully and plan a happy reunion. Discover your Personality Type, flow with your natural strengths, and make friends with your other side. See what is behind personality differences and the games people play. The Personal Edition is free for personal use, fully functional, and never expires. The Professional Edition is for commercial use in presentations to individuals and groups. Enjoy the show.

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Software Version: 5.2
Release Date
: 9/8/2004

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