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SuperVoice Advanced Telephony

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SuperVoice Advanced Telephony is a state of the Art Voice & Fax system. With this system you can create your own IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems, without the need of any programming! You can have up to 8 lines on 1 computer running at the same time, with the same, or with different scripts. Together with Text To Speech capabilities and ODBC database connections this software can seemlessy integrate into your office environment. Currently we support the following hardware platforms: Modems & Dialogic Voice Boards Create your own tree scripts, NO PROGRAMMING EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Creating a system that transfers calls, or takes credit card orders 24/7 has never been easier. Lot of sample scripts included. Within minutes you are up and running with a complete answering machine with remote message retrieval etc.!!! Multiple lines: You can have a different tree script on each line! (multiline version only) Automatically detects and takes incoming fax calls (Modem only) You don't need any additional software, like Microsoft Visual Basic or any other programming language. Everything you need is included. A huge array of selectable actions is included, for example: play greeting, record greeting, remote mailbox access, call transfer, access to any ODBC database, retrieving digits, the use of variables etc. Powerful Text to Speech functionality: you can even 'play back' information you retrieved from a database!

Software Price: $199
Software Version: 1.0
Release Date
: 2/5/2008

Size: 12.98 MB
Platform: XP, Windows 2003

Download Link: SuperVoice Advanced Telephony Download

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