Ten enjoyable games with an optional  Bee

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Snakes, Trains and Bees


Enjoy playing Snakes, Trains and Bees or switch in the Spelling Bee option to also make it a great learning aid. Includes four Snakes and Ladders and two car variations plus train, horse, sleigh and miner games. With the train game, trains can be moved to another track if they land on a junction. Use your own word lists or the built in spelling dictionary to test yourself when you land on a ladder or snake type square. Up to four people can play with the ability to allow you to play against the computer. Sound effects and word prompts for the spelling bee. One or two dice option. The horse game is a spiral board game where the horses have to reach the center to win. The spelling dictionary can select dictionary categories and difficulty levels. Spelling Bee display timings can also be adjusted. Help file.

Software Price: $20
Software Version: 1.0
Release Date
: 1/27/2000

Size: 2.08 MB
Platform: Win95, Win98

Download Link: Snakes, Trains and Bees Download

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