Lock the screen during a phone call.

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Phone ScreenLock

PalmarySoft. Ltd

Phone ScreenLock is a small and very simple in use program for your Windows Mobile phone. It will make your phone talks more comfortable. Now there is no risk to start another program because of a casual touch of the screen with a cheek or fingers. Phone ScreenLock program locks the screen until you hang up. But it does not mean, that additional functions of your phone are inaccessible during a call. You can unlock your phone for the whole talk, or for the certain period of time after which the screen and the keyboard will be locked automatically again. If you make many important phone calls and you do not want your talk to be interrupted because of a casual touch of the screen or buttons, Phone Screenlock is the best solution for you!

Software Price: $9.95
Software Version: 1.5
Release Date
: 10/4/2007

Size: 0.13 MB
Platform: Windows CE, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2005

Download Link: Phone ScreenLock Download

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