Accounting software for e-gold and e-Bullion

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The aim of Phyxer is to make the management of multiple e-currency accounts fast, easy and consistent through a dedicated software. It has the ability to handle both e-gold and e-Bullion accounts within the same interface and with equal capabilities. Basic features are the one available through the usual e-currencies web access: balance checking, transaction history browsing, single payment to another account, exchange rates viewing... In addition to these common abilities, Phyxer is able to check periodically the accounts for new received payments and to trigger a notification. Transactions can also be marked as cleared within the history, filtered following several criteria (date, type of transfer, account, amount...) and searched with a keyword for easy finding. Whole or part of the history can be exported to a CSV file useable within any spreadsheet software. Payment to multiple accounts at once (also called "mass payment") is available through a dialog box assisting the user to fill the fields efficiently and without redundancy. Alternatively, a CSV file can be loaded. Once the payments have been made, a report can be saved in CSV as well. Interface can be internationalized: it's multilingual and handles several currencies and time zones. A common concern with this kind of software is that it deals with real money accounts, thus gaining access to sensitive information (passwords, financial data...). To overcome this issue, Phyxer is free software. It's distributed under an open source license, making the source code accessible by anyone who wants to check that it's free from any sort of spyware or backdoor. Development of Phyxer is supported by donations of its users.

Software Price: Freeware
Software Version: 0.5.2
Release Date
: 2/3/2008

Size: 7 MB
Platform: Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003, Vista

Download Link: Phyxer Download

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