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45 images by Alphonse Mucha.

Mucha Art Nouveau

Advertizing art reached a zenith in the Art Nouveau paintings of Alphonse Mucha. In this screensaver, you will see 45 images by this wonderful artist.

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Tribute to science fiction horror films

Killer Brain from Pluto 3D Screensaver

The Killer Brain from Pluto is too terrifying to be shown on this page! Enjoy this tribute to the classic science fiction horror films of the 1950s. If you like the film "The Brain from Planet Arous", then this is the screensaver for you.

Tags: 3d 3d screensaver ed wood horror killer brain monster pluto retro scifi screensaver

Wireframe maiden morphs in dissolving colors.

Maid in Motion

Maid in Motion is a 3D meditation on movement. Gentle snowfall drifts around a serene wireframe maiden as she slowly rotates and morphs in dissolving colors and psychodelic patterns. Includes stereo music composed especially for this screensaver.

Tags: 3d animation around dissolving falls maiden meditation morphs patterns serene snow snowfall snowflake wireframe

32 Alien creatures from the outer space.

Denizens of Deep Space

See denizens of 32 of the inhabited worlds in the outer regions of the galaxy. These alien creatures of deep space are as diverse as their planets. Life in other star systems has taken on curious and fantastic shapes, and many strange attributes.

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50 pictures of forest fires in western USA

Forest Fires

Eighty percent of wildfires are started by lightning strikes, while others are the result of arson and carelessness. In this screensaver you will see 50 amazing pictures taken by the U.S. National Park Service of numerous forest fires.

Tags: 50 amazing backdraft bush fire bushfire firefighter fires firestorm flashover forest forest fire forestfire inferno national numerous park pictures service taken wildfire


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