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Table Animator


Table animator is a Web design tool to provide animation to the borders of HTML Tables. Many site designs are based on tables, arranging page section into table cells. With Table Animator you can bring the design options to a new level by animating table borders in numerous styles, shapes and colors - to increase traffic and sales. The program creates an HTML file with a table tag together with an Animated Gif file to be used as the table background image. You can create the Animated Gif from pre defined styles and set the colors, speed and geometric properties of the animation. You can set the animation encircling the table cells to be of pre defined shapes like Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, star or you can draw black and white shape to be used as a layout for the table cell animation. The program combines the original Animated Gif with the cell shape, to keep the animation according to the black shape, and set to transparency the white sections. You can set the table properties like size, columns, rows, cell color and page color. The table properties and the created Animated Gif are displayed in the preview window to reflect the look and color balance of the Animated table.

Software Price: $25
Software Version: 1.0
Release Date
: 11/10/2004

Size: 1.9 MB
Platform: Win98, Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003

Download Link: Table Animator Download

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