Pixmart LLC

Automatic B-spline tool for mask outlining.


Automatic B-spline tool for fast, intuitive and qualitative contour and mask outlining. Arkan is designed to convert border of a raster mask (selection of an object in scene) or any closed polyline into B-spline representation.

Tags: b-spline contour tracking cubic bezier curve mask editing minimum description length outlining snake spline knots and junctions

PatchMaker - motion tracking tool


PatchMaker is a 2D motion tracking program for video compositing. It can determine the motion of a selected object in the scene to a subpixel precision under a specified parametric motion model.

Tags: application camera composing editing effect film free jitter montage motion overlay patch stabilizing tracking transformation video

Claxa - mask tracking tool.


Claxa is intended for tracking an object in a video footage, constructing the mask of the object, and subsequent extraction of the object. Tracking an object with the aim to extract it means precise detection of its boundaries on a pixel level.

Tags: composing editing effect film free mask montage motion tracking transformation video

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