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Anti-Spam Software


PlexMailer is an anti-spam software. It supports POP3, IMAP, LDAP, NNTP and MBOX protocols. It comes with dozens of filters such as Bayesian and realtime blacklists. Also, it supports server side options and integration with other products.

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Graphical Lottery Application


PlexLotto is a Lottery program and supports wheeling, statistics, filters, lottery database, etc. Supports abbreviated and full wheeling, archiving facility, automatic downloads previous lottery database.

Tags: america applications canada canadian england europe european graphical lotteries lottery statistics supports uk us

Stock Portfolio Manager


Stock Portfolio Manager. It provides quotes, and allows notification based on user's predefined rules.

Tags: email graphs intrinsic manager notification portfolio portolio predict quote stock support

PlexDomain: Domain Analysis Tool

PlexDomain: Domain-Name Search, Generation, Popularity and Analysis Toolkit

PlexDomain: Domain Analysis Tool. It searches deleted or expired domains with high ranking and popular links. Also, it generates domain names from keywords.

Tags: alltheweb aol batch job deleted directory dmoz domain engine expired hot hotbot keyword looksmart lycos msn popular ranking record rwhois search suggestion traffic whois words yahoo

Java based visual IRC client


Java based visual IRC client. Supports multiple chat windows, DCC, and all the IRC commands for regular users and operators.

Tags: admin based chat client dcc irc java operator server visual


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