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Hide your Windows Web Server from hackers


ServerMask 2.0 obscures the identity of a Windows Web server by removing the most obvious signs that you are running IIS. This ISAPI filter removes or modifies unnecessary HTTP response data to make fingerprinting your web server more difficult.

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Save bandwidth and reduce network chatter!


CacheRight for IIS puts the ability to set reliable caching policies for any site content directly in the hands of site developers. It promotes the caching of image files, improving website responsiveness and reducing cost of site ownership.

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Customize Error Pages Easily


CustomError for IIS -- Many Web developers lack access to and familiarity with the Web server's administrative interface. With CustomError for IIS, developers can add customized error pages easily by loading them to a designated directory.

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Wipe out URL spelling errors on the fly!


Fat fingers and long URLs don't make typing Web addresses easy, so fix broken links on the fly, before they happen, with URLSpellCheck for IIS!

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