3-Clicks is an eBay Addin for Microsoft Excel

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3-Clicks is a Microsoft Excel Add-In (plugin) that allows eBay users to obtain eBay auction data directly from within Excel. 3-Clicks adds over 100 in-cell formulas to Excel and allow users to make auction specific calls and obtain information directly from the eBay server. Get up-to-date auction prices. Obtain winning bidder's eBay ID. Find out the starting and ending times of an auction. Grab the title and picture URL. Get the final value fee. Check the payment status of an auction. And also do a whole lot more! 3-Clicks makes eBay sales summary and book-keeping simple. No more tedious and time consuming copying and pasting from the eBay website. Once set up, 3-Clicks allows users to obtain sales information within three mouse clicks. 3-Clicks was designed with flexibility in mind. Since the add-in merely adds to the basic functionality of Excel, the user can customize their spreadsheets however they want or keep their existing templates and just change the underlying formulas. In compliance with eBay policy, 3-Clicks does not store eBay user passwords. Instead, the user signs a permission grant through the eBay website to allow 3-Clicks to log into their accounts using an eBay generated user token. 3-Clicks is a must-have for both amateur and professional eBay sellers and buyers!

Software Price: $26.99
Software Version: 1.0
Release Date
: 6/28/2006

Size: 8.76 MB
Platform: XP

Download Link: 3-Clicks Download

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