Anonymity Gateway mask IP, clean online trace

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Anonymity Gateway

Privacy Gateway

Anonymity Gateway conceals the IP address preventing websites or ISPs from monitoring your surfing habits and your internet activity. Anonymity Gateway uses anonymous proxies (gateways to the internet) routing all your Internet traffic through them. You can browse anonymously, check mails, participate in newsgroups, play online games, write on forums, using proxies form different countries at your choice, interact with websites anonymously. The application cleans all online traces that may harm or use inadvertently information on your computer, such as Internet history, typed URL, temporary Internet files, cookies, auto complete forms history, auto complete password history, Internet favorites. Anonymity Gateway also protects computer from the action of invasive codes, like ActiveX or Java Script.

Software Price: $33
Software Version: 2.4
Release Date
: 5/16/2006

Size: 3.03 MB
Platform: Windows 2000, XP, Unix

Download Link: Anonymity Gateway Download

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