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GetAnonymous V2.0 Professional Edition

Private Navigator Inc.

GetAnonymous Professional is cutting edge technology offering a complete and inclusive online privacy services. With GetAnonymous Professional you can finally have all the features you always wanted in ONE PRODUCT. These include Privacy (Multi-proxies, Importing proxies, and Hiding Page Titles), Protection (Multiple IP Addresses, IP masking, Defensive Operating System, Content Control, and Online Privacy Control), ), Filtering (Cookie Control, Pop-ups, disable time-based scripts, and Safe Cookies), and Control (Confidential Toolbar, User Friendly Wizard, Custom Settings, compatible toolbar with well-known internet browsers , and Real-time Activity Indication). GetAnonymous Professional list of Features is considered the most wide-ranging of online privacy software. First time to introduce the proxy chain technology, GetAnonymous Professional allows you to stand behind multiple proxies. This provides you with more protection and privacy than ever. GetAnonymous Professional not only allows you to use a proxy chain, but also to control the length of this chain. You can set timing to search for the proxy servers as well as the depth of the pages. It provides you with a fresh list of proxies each time you update your proxy. Our unique toolbar puts all the privacy controls at your fingertips allowing for with a toolbar integrated with Internet Explorer. Now you can work within one environment with all the security options in vision. GetAnonymous Professional is definitely the most inclusive online privacy software available on the market at the lowest and fairest price available in the market. *You get the advantage of staying anonymous when chatting online using the most common chatting programs available such as MSN, Yahoo!

Software Price: $49.5
Software Version: 2
Release Date
: 12/22/2003

Size: 5 MB
Platform: Win98, XP, Windows 2000

Download Link: GetAnonymous V2.0 Professional Edition Download

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