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Computer working-limitation program

Parental Lock Guard

Computer working-limitation program. There is an everyday time limit that will prevent greater working on computer. Suitable for children to NOT take all day staring at computer, but take some time doing other things.

Tags: children computer guard limitation lock parent program use working-limitation

Message server application


Retrieve information''s from a database, depending on user inputs, using any type of messages. Great for big companies, or small markets to provide prices, orders details, product details and much more!

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Send/receive messages to all users in range!

BlueMarket Lite

Bluetooth server application, that will help you get more customers! Send welcome message (picture/text/video(audio) to all bluetooth devices in range. Provide to users all information about your products! Allow user interaction to server!

Tags: bluemarket bluetooth bt discover market marketing receive send

Receive & send files from mobile phone to pc


Send all supported files from your mobile phone to PC, without any action on PC side! Automaticaly files receiving & saving. Minimum user interaction needed when sending from PC to phone. Easiest possible way: drag-drop file into selected zone.

Tags: bluetooth bt discover easy message mobile phone receive send

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