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There are many barcode label generation code libraries available for software developers to use in their applications. There are two main problems, though. Integrating such libraries with your existing projects may take much time and require help from developers that are familiar with barcode technologies. How does Barcode ActiveX differ? Barcode ActiveX is a visual ActiveX control that does not require any programming skills or knowledge of barcode technologies to use it in your projects. It can be easily utilized using virtually any environment that supports ActiveX. You can insert it into Microsoft Office documents with the click of a mouse. The built-in database binding capabilities allow you to define relationships between Barcode ActiveX and a database and thus easily add individual barcode label printing to each database field. By inserting Barcode ActiveX into your web page, you provide your visitors with their very own client-side barcode label printer. Barcode ActiveX smoothly integrates into software projects written in all modern high-level programming languages, such as Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi and others (and including their .NET appliances.) The Barcode Activex is a pure ATL application written in C++ with speed and fault-tolerance in mind. Barcode ActiveX works well as a server-side component if used in a CGI or an ASP.NET application. It was tested for industry performance and reliability standards compliance using the MS web server stress utilities. The component perform very well in high-load multitasking environments and shows no memory leaks or stability problems. But, is it really good enough to print barcode labels? Barcode ActiveX can generate barcode labels in all industry standard formats and render them into a wide range of supported image formats. The internal image representation is vector-based and thus can be rendered without distortions even by low-resolution displays and printers.

Software Price: $99.00
Software Version: 4.8
Release Date
: 2/3/2007

Size: 0.95 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME, XP, NT 4.x, Windows 2000, Windows CE

Download Link: BarCode-ActiveX Download

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