Telephony Application for TAPI, CAPI and VoIP

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xtelsio CTI Client

Ralf Steinruecken ITecSoft

With xtelsio CTI Client, you can control your phone communication simply by mouse click. Everything what you still need for it, is a TAPI-capable phone or phone system, an Asterisk PBX, an ISDN card or in simplest case a modem. With ISDN card and headset xtelsio turns your PC into a simple software telephone. +++ You can integrate your existing address information, for example the contacts of Outlook, ACT! and Lotus Notes, CSV files, Access databases (via ODBC) or you can read in LDAP directories. If a contact was found for an incoming call, you can open it in the original application (for example ACT! or Outlook) with one mouse click. +++ xtelsio CTI Client offers an integrated TAPI connector for Skype - also accessible by other TAPI applications. +++ You can install and activate an Outlook PlugIn for more comfortable call handling. +++ You can integrate an ActiveX Control in Access forms or other applications. +++ It's possible to dial telephone numbers from within other applications by hotkey or mouse click, to search telephone numbers in other applications, to transfer telephone numbers or record IDs into other applications, to create Word documents with address data, to set call appointments, to enter call notes and some more.

Software Price: $53.00
Software Version: 2.1.104
Release Date
: 3/15/2007

Size: 2.72 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME, NT 4.x, XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003

Download Link: xtelsio CTI Client Download

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