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BitDefender for Mail Servers (WIN SMTP)


AntiVirus Scanning and Cleaning Real time scanning of attachments and message bodies, without slowing down e-mail traffic. BitDefender for Mail Servers ensures 100% detection rate for all viruses in circulation through its powerful scanning engines from BitDefender Professional, certified by ICSA Labs, Checkmark and Virus Bulletin. NEW! Update pushing BitDefender for Mail Servers(WIN SMTP Proxy) can be configured to initiate an update upon receipt of a specially crafted "update announcement" message from BitDefender Labs (subscription service). more NEW! Antispam filtering For complete protection an advanced spam filtering solution is integrated in the BitDefender for Mail Servers. It incorporates seven different filters: IPmatch, Keyword filter, White list, Black list, Charset filter, URL filter and Heuristic filter. NEW! Detailed Reports and Statistics BitDefender for Mail Servers(WIN SMTP Proxy) comes with a separate reports module which provides daily, weekly or monthly statistics organized by categories. The reports can be generated and viewed in the administration console. NEW! IP Match This feature matches a specific e-mail domain to a specific IP address. Thus, spoofed e-mail headers are no longer enough to fool a white list. If the IP address doesn't also match, the message is rejected. NEW! Heuristic analysis technology The heuristic filter performs set of tests on all the message components, (i.e. not only the header but also the message body in either HTML or text format), looking for words, phrases or links which are common to spam. NEW! WBL (White List/ Blacklist) support This quite simply means that the admin can set a list of trusted and untrusted addresses from which to respectively "always accept" or "always reject" mail. Content Filtering Filters and blocks messages by subject line, message body, attachment, sender or recipient. Filtering rules within the database can be modified and saved as default by the IT manager

Software Price: $18
Software Version:
Release Date
: 9/7/2004

Size: 10.86 MB
Platform: NT 4.x, Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003

Download Link: BitDefender for Mail Servers (WIN SMTP) Download

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