JustChat lets you chat on MSN safely.

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JustChat is an MSN chatting software which can help you to chat safe and secure everywhere. The JustChat window can pretend to be word, excel or any customize application layout. When you are using JustChat to chat with friends, your boss will think you are typing report, and you do not need to worry about boss finding out you are not working. JustChat can encrypt your instant message to prevent eavesdroppers from reading your chatting contents. If you feel someone is using MSN Monitor or SPY software to intercept your chatting contents or are afraid your boss knows that you have been chatting, you need to use JustChat which can ensure that your chatting content cannot be disclosed. JustChat can help you chat with your friends even thought your school/company's firewall blocks MSN message connections. JustChat provides MSN Proxy Server and Client functions that can create a specific connection to pass through school/company's firewall. If you cannot use MSN messenger behind a firewall, JustChat will help you to chat with your friends. JustChat can show the content that your boss likes to see when he or she is coming. You just quickly press the "Boss Key" and JustChat will switch from chatting window to default page immediately. The default page content can also be customized, so you just need to simply update the content. Key Features: 1. Chatting on MSN safe and secure. 2. Easy installation and use. 3. Supporting multi-languages which include Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English. 4. Application layout can be pretended into any application. 5. User Interface can be customized. 6. Chatting content is encrypted and prevents eavesdroppers from reading instant message. 7. Providing MSN Proxy Server & Client. 8. Providing Boss Key.

Software Price: $9.95
Software Version: 2.3
Release Date
: 12/10/2009

Size: 3.32 MB
Platform: XP

Download Link: JustChat Download

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