Easily query DNS servers for resource records

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.NET DNS Component - NetXtremeDns


NetXtremeDns .NET component offers a number of classes that make the work of querying DNS servers for resource record types defined by RFC-1034 and RFC-1035 more easily. You can easily retrieve the list of available DNS servers in your network, send a constructed DNS request message to a DNS server and process the fully parsed response message. The library offers the flexibility, ease of use and rapid development features of a component without the complexities of working with the native socket class or in-depth knowledge of how the Domain Name Services are implemented.

Software Price: $99
Software Version: 1.2
Release Date
: 9/6/2008

Size: 3.89 MB
Platform: Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003, Vista

Download Link: .NET DNS Component - NetXtremeDns Download

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