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Synchronize two folders with FolderClone


FolderClone provides fast, flexible, and easy backup, synchronization, replication, and mirroring of important files on most storage media. Once configured, it monitors the source folders for changes and copies new or changed files to the target.

Tags: automated between data data mirroring drives file sync file synchronization folder cloning sofware folder sync folder synchronization folderclone replication replication software scheduled

Free File Difference Viewer - FreeDiff


FreeDiff is a free file difference viewer for Windows 95/98/ME - Windows 2000/NT/XP. Use it to analyze the changes between two revisions of a file.

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Feature-rich  File & Folder Synchronizer


Use FolderMatch to compare and sync your files and folders so you will always have the most current data. Ideal for people in business, for people who burn CDs, or for anyone who keeps multiple copies of files. Stay in sync with a button click.

Tags: backup backup program compare directory compare duplicate file finder easily file compare file compare utility file comparison software file folder file synchronization file synchronizer files folder match foldermatch folders quickly synchronization synchronize windiff

Compare two HTML files with HTML Match.

HTML Match

HTML Match is the best HTML comparison tool for Windows 2000/NT/XP available on the Internet today. Use it to analyze the changes between two revisions of an HTML file. See visual, source code, or text differences at a glance.

Tags: change compare diff difference htm html html code htmlmatch programming tool publishing technical writer version control web design web page web site webmaster

Converts PDF to Text


TEXTfromPDF is a text extraction tool for WinXP/2000 that automates the conversion of Adobe PDF documents to text files. Convert entire document or only a specific page range, PDFs can be on local drives or the Internet, Command line execution or GUI

Tags: adobe adobe pdf ascii text convert convert adobe acrobat convert batch convert command line convert pdf edit pdf extract pdf pdf converter pdf to text converter plain text plaintext text text extraction textfrompdf txt


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