Urfin is a network file search engine

Urfin - File Search Engine for LAN

Urfin is a search engine that helps you to find files in your local Windows network. It has all information about files located in shared directories on computers in your office. Using any browser users can access Urfin as a usual Web site.

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Tree-structured Java Menu Applet


JTree is a professional Java tree menu applet with XML support, dynamical loading, cross-browser/multiplatform compatibility and powerful client-side API. This component is highly useful for representation of structured data.

Tags: dynamic menu folder tree java java applet java navigation navigation component tree view web development web site navigation xml

File upload and download Java applet

Vault :: Multiple File Upload and Download Applet

Vault Java applet provides multiple file upload/download capabilities along with related file manipulation routines. Create robust and powerful HTTP/S file upload system to transfer files or folders of unlimited size right through your web browser.

Tags: applet download file file upload http https java large file manager multiple file progress bar server unlimited upload upload manager uploader

Highly customizable JavaScript grid control

dhtmlxGrid - JavaScript Grid Control

Cross-browser JavaScript grid control for displaying tabular data in DHTML based table. Comprehensive features include fast-loading (enabled by AJAX), client-side sorting, columns resizing, multiple cell control types and keyboard navigation.

Tags: ajax api control data grid data table dhtml dhtml grid dhtmlxgrid dynamic edit editable excel grid grid control javascript javascript grid javascript table keyboard navigation loadind scrollable sort sortable table widget

Java applet combines table/grid and tree view


Java applet combines table (grid) and tree view.You can hierarchically organize your data in multiple columns.Grid is editable,sortable,supports XML,dynamic data loading,custom icons,colors and fonts,JavaScript events,popup menu,japanese characters.

Tags: custom dynamic editable events grid international japanese java java applet menu sortable sources table tree xml

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