A C# parser library and C# code generator

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#recognize! is a parser library written for the .NET platform which is able to perform lexical and syntactic analysis on C# source code. The results of these analysis steps are represented in a rich data structure called the code model which can be easily traversed and modified by client code. Furthermore, the library contains a C# generator that used a code model as input. In the case of an erroneous input, #recognize! will raise error and warning messages that are compliant to those raised by Microsoft's csc and Mono's msc compilers regarding codes, warning levels, and texts. The message texts are currently available in two languages -- English and German. #recognize! is used by applications that require processing source code, no matter whether entire files or C# expressions only. Typical applications are syntax highlighting UI components, refactoring tools, formatting tools (pretty-printers), and C# generators, but also source code browsers, C# interpreters, and compilers. The library consists of a single assembly (plus additional satellite assemblies for localized error and warning messages) and can be deployed with your application easily. It does not make use of any operating system dependent functionality, so it should run on any .NET environment that is compatible with the Microsoft .NET 2.0 environment, including Mono and -- thanks to the small footprint -- .NET Compact Framework implementations. The implementation of the #recognize! library is fully compliant to version 3 of the C# Language Specification, as standardized by ECMA International as the ECMA-334 standard and by ISO/IEC as the ISO/IEC 23270 standard. Especially language features like generics, anonymous methods, unsafe extensions, and LINQ, are part of that specification.

Software Price: $1349
Software Version: 1.1
Release Date
: 9/24/2008

Size: 9.34 MB
Platform: NT 4.x, Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003, Vista

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