Word Search Game with elements of Puzzle

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WordOMatic is a Word Search game with elements of puzzle and strategy. Rearrange letters to form words which are replaced with fresh letters. As letters grow old, they change colour. The object of the game is to use all available letters before they they become void. This is an original game belonging to the Word Search genre which includes games like Scrabble, Boggle and Jumble as well as modern PC games like Bookworm and Text Twist. This is one of the easiest games to learn and play. The game knows over forty thousand words from three to six letters. Players are encouraged to use words that contain a wide variety of letters. Bonus points are given for using longer words, and for avoiding repeated words. WordOMatic knows more than eight hundred words containing the letter X. How many do you know? Maybe it is time to learn learn some more!

Software Price: $16.95
Software Version: 1.0.8
Release Date
: 2/5/2004

Size: 0.75 MB
Platform: Win98, WinME, XP, Windows 2000

Download Link: WordOMatic Download

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