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Internet Time Synchronization via NIST


iTimeSync synchronizes your computer clock with an internet time server which have very accurate clocks, generally synchronized by the harmonics of an atom. (Thus called an Atomic Clock.) iTimeSync is written in Assembly for maximum efficiency.

Tags: assembly clock internet log nist server sinner synchronization time

Cost Per Unit calculator written in Assembly


CPU is a Cost Per Unit calculator to assist in deciding what product and packet size is the best value for money. The window stays on top and there are two independent calculations shown to make comparing prices easier. It is written in Assembly.

Tags: assembly business calculation comparison cost maths shopping sinner

Assembly Language XOR File encrypter


XorIt is designed to use conventional XOR encryption on keys that are the same size as the file to be encrypted.

Tags: assembly encrypt file one-time pad security sinner vernam

Simple countdown timer written in Assembly


This program is a simple countdown timer, settable from 1 second up to 99 hours. Settings are saved for easy configuring. Full screen, tray, minimised, MP3, and Command Line options are also included. Egg is written in efficient Assembly Language.

Tags: 1 99 alarm assembly clock countdown full-screen hours mp3 reminder second settable simple sinner timer tray written

File Splitter with encryption, wizard and CRC


Assembly Language program for splitting large files for easier distribution with CRC and Encryption. Files can be split by either the number of files that you want, the maximum file size, or you can use preset common sizes for floppies, CDs, etc...

Tags: assembly bat chop crc encryption file language security sinner split splitter wizard


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