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 Web Crawler and extractor

STS Web Crawler

If you're a ColdFusion developer the STS Web Crawler will make managing your pages a snap.The STS Web Crawler can even harvest all the unique items (links, images, cfincludes, etc.) for any branch of your site and trace links.

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 Find the computers that are offline

STS Pinger

Ping utility. The STS Pinger is a useful network utility for finding computers on or off your network. Just set the IP value range you would like to search and put the STS Pinger to work

Tags: arp network network neighborhood ping port scan route softex solutions sts

 PC based alarm clock software

STS Alarm Clock

The STS Alarm clock is a PC based alarm clock that will wake you up to your choice of MP3, WAV sound files, CD audio, or even a playlist. Unlimited number of alarms is supported.

Tags: alarm clock cd mp3 music snooze softex solutions sts wake up wav

 The digital photographers companion.

STS Slide Show

Now you can easily show all your favorite pictures without any headaches. Use the STS Slide Show to view, rename, copy, move, or delete your pictures with ease. You can even create custom slide shows for family, friends, or business. Perfect for a

Tags: gif images jpg photo photographer photography pictures slide show softex solutions sts

 Drink recipes for any occasion

STS Bartender's Guide

Over 850 drink recipes for any occasion. The STS Bartender's Guide includes sections for all your favorite mixed drinks, non-alcoholic drinks, bartending techniques, and even toasts.

Tags: alcohol bartender bartending beer mixed-drinks pubs softex solutions sts


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