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Roman clock with latin date in systray


TempusFugit roman clock is an original way to display time in Roman numerals and date in Latin in the Windows systray. Use it as a learning tool for childs and friends . Roman script mode (4=IIII, 9=VIIII, etc.) or medieval script mode (4=IV, 9=IX)

Tags: bureautique clock date download free freeware learn roman systray systray tools taskbar tempusfugit time utility watch

Collect file properties via command line

SumInfos (Summary Information)

Tool to collect summary information, properties: author,comments, date, embedded in all Windows 2000 files. It exports the collection of Microsoft Office documents properties and Macintosh comments to a text file for use by other systems via batch

Tags: batch built-in properties cmd collect collect summary informations console utility document extract file macintosh comments office office properties ole structured storage files properties property set suminfos text tracking properties utility via windows 2000

Editeur et base de données catalogue photos

Kalimages photo

Indexe les photos de répertoires choisis, importe les descriptions et crée la base de données pour retrouver les images par mots-clés, descriptions, auteur, lieu, categorie. Marquage et copie de selections, edition en masse, export XML, vocabulaires

Tags: album annoter image base images catalogue photos collection documenter photos editeur iptc extraire meta iim kalimages lire iptc logiciel images metadonnees miniatures photo photos numeriques

Delete or move files older than n days


Suppress files older than n days in selected folders, move outdated files to archive folders using file creation, modification, last access date. You choose purge days,expired time by folder. Local application, network Windows service, command line

Tags: aged bin clean cleaning utility delenda delete files older deleted deletion erase move old files recycle remove software trash utilities

Create searchable IPTC database of photos

Kalimages Basic

Kalimages Basic retrieves descriptions and other IPTC/IMM meta data from your image folders and imports these annotations into a searchable database. Find images by keywords or any other information, analyse occurrences, export to XML or HTML.

Tags: annotations caption-editing capture iptc catalog photos digital photos find images find photos generate thumbnails iim iptc iptc metadata extraction kalimages kalimages basic photo collection photo software photographers


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