Mailing software with GEO/Reads tracking

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Subscription Mailer

Soft Service Ltd

There are are few useful mail list manager amd maling software on the market, however after you send mesage you don't have enough information if it was really delivered or not or what is more important if it as read or not. How to check efficiency of mailing? We offer unique feature integrated into our Subscription Mailer, using it you can keep tracking 3 important factors: WHO, WHERE and WHEN ready your email message and also if he FORWARDED this message or not, take a look to the screenshot and you will better understand when means here. Our mailer is free of charge, you can send email campaigns easily with custom tags and using our mail list managers. But at any time, if you want to know who read your message you can enable this feature for a small fee and be able to understand how efficient is your campaign.

Software Price: Freeware
Software Version: 1.0
Release Date
: 10/3/2006

Size: 0.55 MB
Platform: XP

Download Link: Subscription Mailer Download

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