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SoftX Secure Notes

SoftX Secure Notes is a Personal Information Manager (PIM), which enables you to organize and securely store your important, personal, and sensitive information in a strongly encrypted database file. This information will be accessible from your personal computer or your Pocket PC. You can, for example, use Secure Notes to keep all of your logins and passwords in one safe place, and only have to remember one password in order to enter into the Secure Notes database file. With Secure Notes you can create different database files for different kinds of information that you want to store. For example, you can create one database file to keep your passwords, one for storing your ideas and thoughts, one for your reminders and one for your diary. In this way Secure Notes acts not only as a secure place in which to store your information, but also as an organizer; enabling you to keep all your important information in one place. Secure Notes uses the very strong encryption Rijndael Block Cipher Algorithm, which is approved by US governmental institutions as the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). The encryption key is based on your password. With Secure Notes you can be sure that nobody but you will have access to this information. Secure Notes has two versions; one for your personal computer and one for your Pocket PC. The same Secure Notes database file can be used on your personal computer, and on you Pocket PC. You can use your personal computer to quickly enter or edit your notes when you are at home, and your mobile Pocket PC for viewing and editing notes when you are at work or on a trip. Your information always will be with you.

Software Price: $14.95
Software Version: 3.1
Release Date
: 11/10/2006

Size: 0.83 MB
Platform: XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows CE, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 2003

Download Link: SoftX Secure Notes Download

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