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Finance,Accounting,Scientific tape calculator

tApCalc Suite, Financial,Accounting,Scientific tape Calculators (Arm,xScale)

Calculator Suite Pocket PC with popular tApCalc Desk, tApCalc Finance and tApCalc Scientific series of calculator featuring paper tape that can be saved,edited,rerun, Beamed and printed without reentering the calculations again.

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Loan Calculation and analysis software

LoanAnalyst (Sony/Ericsson P800/P900)

LoanAnalyst helps professionals as well as individual loan seekers analyze the various loan parameters to make an informed loan decision. Packed with several powerful loan analysis features, ability to send loan information via SMS, and save Loans.

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Financial & Accounting calculator with a tape

tApCalc Financial tape calculator(P800 Sony/Ericsson)

Financial and Accounting Calculator for Sony Ericsson P800 featuring a host of commonly used functions and a programmable tape that can be saved,edited,rerun without reentering the calculations again.

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Easy to use Calendar event manager

OurAgenda Calendar event manager(Palm OS)

Easy to use calendar event manager with multiple profile support. Provides graphical user interface with iconized event display. Easy event entry,import from contacts,import from external files,and IR. Export to calendar, through IR.

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CPA friendly calculator with tape

tApCalcCPA Accounting tape calculator(Palm OS)

CPA friendly desk calculator with tape that can be saved,edited,rerun and beamed without reentering all data again. Features TAX+,TAX-,Mark Up/Down, Total and Grand total keys in addition to standard calculator keys.

Tags: accountant accounting calculator cpa desk down financial friendly grand mark profit tape tape calculator tax total


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