Access style multi column combobox

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MCCombox is an Access style multi column combobox for all your projects in Visual Basic, .net, html, C++, etc... to help you to easily build professional data entry screens.Use MCCombox whenever you need a flexible and powerful text input validation. With MCCombox,you'll have a powerfull and customizable multicolumn combobox control. Features MSAcces-style ActiveX multicolumn combobox Many properties and methods available. (inputmask, columnwidths, headers, autoexpand, RowSource, boundcolumn, etc...) Autocompletion function a flexible,feature rich multicolumn combobox It can be used with any ADO compatible datasource the ability to identify the columns,which will be shown in the drop portion,both in design-time and run-time customizable look & feel Autocomplete feature,which checks the user entries and matchs it in the underliyng recordset Lightweight ActiveX component To learn more about this new nifty utility of SoftwareForStores, have a look at the example code with MCCombox. MCCombox is shareware. The free, built in evaluation license is sufficient for occasional use and has some features disabled. Methods Clear - DropDown - PopupMenu - RaiseAfterUpdate - RaiseBeforeUpdate - Refresh - ShowDropDown Properties Appearance - AutoExpand - BackColor - BorderStyle - BoundColumn - CausesValidation - CnStr - ColumnCount - ColumnHeads - ColumnWidths - DataField - Enabled - Font - FontBold - FontItalic - FontSize - FontUnderline - ForeColor - Format- ItemData - LicenseKey - ListRows - ListWidth - mask- Recordset - RowHeight - RowSource - ScreenWidth - SelLength - SelStart - SelText - Text - Value - ValueOfColumn - dataSource - hwnd Events AfterUpdate - BeforeUpdate - Change - ExitFocus - Hide - KeyDown - KeyPress - KeyUp - NotInList - Pain - Resize - Show - Validate - Z

Software Price: $109
Software Version: 4.0.1
Release Date
: 3/29/2007

Size: 7.85 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME, WinNT 3.x, NT 4.x, Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003, Vista

Download Link: MCCombox Download

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