SoliNav add-in for Visual Studio.Net 2003

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SoliNav 2005

Solishine LLC

SoliNav add-in for Visual Studio.Net 2003 It makes a great development environment even better. As good as it is, Visual Studio.Net 2003 just doesn't come out of the box with a good way to browse and navigate your code. Solution Explorer is nice for managing files and projects, but what about your classes? Class View works, if you don't mind having to drill down 5 levels each and every time you want to browse a class. With SoliNav, you finally have a smart, intuitive, and fast way to navigate your code. Stop wasting time searching through your code. How do you find the properties, methods, and other elements in your code when you're editing? 15 seconds here, 20 seconds there... At the end of the day, it adds up to a substantial amount of wasted time, not to mention the mental distraction of searching for code while you would rather keep your mind on the problem at hand. SoliNav puts your VS.Net 2003 projects into perspective, and keeps them there. SoliNav combines a file-oriented class view with a powerful context-sensitive navigation engine to help keep your mind focused on your object model rather than the specifics of where a particular method is located in a source file. Features * Context Sensitive Navigation * Single-click or Double-click Navigation * TreeView or ListView option * Filter on Code Element Types * Code / Design view toggling * Supports most Solution Explorer functions Save 1-2 hours per week. Or more. Write more code in less time. Stay focused. Get SoliNav, and start navigating your code more intelligently today

Software Price: $4.95
Software Version: 1.3
Release Date
: 6/1/2005

Size: 0.79 MB
Platform: NT 4.x, Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003

Download Link: SoliNav 2005 Download

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