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CalcuNote is an arithmetic calculator that records, documents, and communicates your calculations in a natural way, the same way you would write them down on a piece of paper. Enter numbers, fractions, time values, and annotations directly onto a fully editable, resizable tape making it easy to verify, revise, reuse, and document calculations. Link the total from one calculation to a line in one or more other, separate calculations. If the linked total in the original calculation changes, its new value is automatically placed into all those other calculations. An automated link documentation feature shows where linked numbers are used, both at the link source and at the link destination. Use up to 17 auxiliary tapes to organize, and work simultaneously on, several separate but related calculations. Interrupt a calculation to make a separate calculation on a side tape and have the resulting total automatically placed back into the line at the point of interruption. Use the Results Table to record the numbers from a calculation repeated several times using different numbers. (Its uses include the comparison of what-if calculations, the creation of conversion tables, and the creation of reference tables.) ADDITIONAL FEATURES * Cut, copy, paste individual tape lines, sections of a tape, or an entire tape * Sort the numbers on a tape * Running total * Editable Memory Tape * Automatic annotation of totals as you store them on the Memory Tape * Save tape to file. * Print tape to the printer, to an Internet Document (html) file, or to a Microsoft Word (doc) file (requires Microsoft Word 97, or a later version, installed on your computer). * Printed page layout options * Print preview

Software Price: $25.00
Software Version: 1.2.1
Release Date
: 1/27/2004

Size: 1.84 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME, XP, Windows 2000

Download Link: CalcuNote Download

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