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Genealogy database with graphic interface.

Kith and Kin Pro

Excellent genealogy program for storing all your family tree information. See your famiy tree laid out on the screen and access the data directly. Features user-defined fields, Web page generation, powerful searches, age calculator, source recording.

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Family tree drawing program.


Produces high quality family tree drop-line charts from existing data stored in Kith and Kin Pro V2 or other GEDCOM-capable genealogy programs. Once imported you can rearrange your chart, add pictures, graphics and extra text, combine multiple trees.

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Viewer for TreeDraw family tree charts.

TreeDraw Viewer

TreeDraw Viewer is a freeware utility for displaying and printing genealogy chart files created with TreeDraw V2 or later. It works with TreeDraw charts (.tdr files) created with TreeDraw Standard Edition or TreeDraw Legacy Edition.

Tags: charting charts created displays drawing family family history family tree gedcom genealogy later prints tree treedraw v2

Catalogue slides and create slideshows.

Slide Librarian

Excellent database program for cataloguing your slide collection. Include slide thumbnails and full-sized images in the database - see all your slides on your PC. Prepare slideshows, talks and lectures using the light table. Print slide labels.

Tags: catalogue collection create image lecture library pc slide slideshow slideshows transparency view

Supermarket shopping assistant.

Shop 'Til You Drop

Supermarket shopping assistant. Create your weekly shopping list in the order that you walk round the aisles. Do you ever forget an item or have to go around again for something you missed? Not with a shopping list printed from Shop 'Til You Drop.

Tags: groceries shopping supermarket


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