Starr Software

WYSIWYG editor and rollover menu generators.

Easy Web Builder

Easy Web Builder is a WYSIWYG editor with code generators for CSS navbars, rollover button menus, popup windows, select menus, frames, forms, hover links, tables, colored scrollbars and meta tags. Also has a 3D logo maker and color scheme generator.

Tags: advanced code generators editor features forms frames generators hover links html editor interactive menus menus other popup windows rollover wysiwyg

Simple HTML tools to create advanced features

Web Page Builder Toolkit

Uses fill-in forms to generate cut-and-paste code for rollover buttons, popup windows, drop-down menus, 3D logos, hover links, frames, colored scrollbars, forms, tables, metatags. Also includes color wheel, page templates, blank buttons.

Tags: 3d logos add advanced beginners colored scrollbars easy-to-use email forms features frames help hover links html tool metatags mouseover buttons popup windows tools web authoring web design websites

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